Reviews of the Online Slot Game El Dorado Infinity Reels

Play the El Dorado Infinity Reels slot machine by Yggdrasil, which has a reward multiplier that increases with each win along with additional reels that emerge when you get a winning combination. What begins as a simple grid of three by three symbols has the potential to grow without end, which may result in jackpot payouts and prizes of up to 625,000.00.

You have the option to postpone the bonus games so that you may finally enter them at a higher level, and during a feature with four levels of free spins, the win multipliers increase even more quickly. Both a desktop version and a mobile version of the El Dorado Infinity Reels slot machine are available. The average returns during the bonus round have the potential to reach 96.54 percent, despite the game’s high level of volatility.

Instructions on How to Play the Slots Game El Dorado Infinity Reels

When you load this slot into a personal computer (PC), iOS device (iPhone/iPad), an Android device (Google Pixel), or a Windows mobile device (Windows Phone), you will witness an animated waterfall behind the stone that surrounds the reels. Masks in the manner of the Aztecs, jewels, and the mighty monarch of the legendary city of El Dorado are some of the items shown in the stunningly realistic graphics created by Yggdrasil and its partner company, Reel Play.

At the best online slots sites in our rankings, you may begin your search for treasure for as little as 0.20, or you can boost the stakes by clicking on the button that looks like a pile of coins, all the way up to a maximum of 100.00 each spin. The arrow tab in the center of the screen starts the automated spins, and the letter ‘I’ button brings up the paytable.

To win, you must line up five instances of the same symbol in any position on the reels; however, the Chief may substitute for other symbols if he is able to do so. The stones with the lowest value provide you a payout equal to one times your original wager, while the symbols depicting the Aztec pyramid or the golden mask award five times your original wager.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Offers Free Spins Along with Other Features

The part of the El Dorado Infinity Reels slots game that stands out the most is what takes place once you have successfully completed a winning combination across all three reels. You do not immediately get a payout; rather, the reels remain stationary as a fourth reel emerges on the right side of the screen. This one rotates, and if the winning symbol or the wild appears on it, it will remain in place even after the next reel begins to spin. The Infinity Reels mechanism may continue to operate indefinitely since there is no predetermined maximum capacity.

If you increase a win, you will get the basic reward a second time, as well as a multiplier of one for each reel, which may rapidly lead to combos that are worth a tremendous amount of money. You will be awarded a payout and the game will reset to the standard 3×3 layout as soon as a reel lands that does not increase the win.

If you are playing Infinity Reels and the number of reels reaches 12, you are eligible for an additional jackpot reward equal to 888 times your original wager on top of any normal wins from the game.

A feature that awards free spins is activated if a winning combination includes the temple in the form of a pyramid. Free games are available in a total of 4 different levels, with the multiplier for Infinity Reels increasing by 1x for the first level, 2x for the second level, 3x for the third level, and 4x for the highest level.

Once the feature is activated, you will be given the option to save the free games; the following time the pyramid results in a victory, you will be sent to the next level of the free games. There is also the option to wager them in order to increase your level, but you run the risk of losing the free games if you do so. You also have the option to start playing right away, in which case you will get 10 free games, with the temple awarding an additional 4 spins to the total number of free games whenever it contributes to a winning combination.

The El Dorado Infinity Reels slot machine’s maximum payouts, average returns, and volatility are as follows:

Since this is a game with a high level of volatility, increasing the number of reels to 12 in order to win the jackpot is not a simple task, and of course, you won’t be able to keep extending them indefinitely. Even yet, a maximum win of 6,250 times the stake comes out to an amazing $625,000.00 when playing at the highest stakes. The average returns might vary anywhere from 95.51 percent to 96.54 percent, depending on the quantity of free games offered.

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